All i need today is a little bit of Packers And a whole lot of Jesus shirt


Which farmer are we talking about? In a  All i need today is a little bit of Packers And a whole lot of Jesus shirt country of nearly 500-600 million farmers, there are farmers who cultivate apple in Shimla, Cotton in Gujarat, Maharashtra, rice in Punjab, and so on. There are farmers who are blessed with limitless irrigation water in Punjab and rainfed ones in Telangana, Vidarbha  While Punjab flourishes, Vidarbha plunges into new depths of sorrow. Therefore how can one bring a homogenous, single vision of what a farmer wants? Everyone who analyses Indian agriculture and farmers clearly says that the survival of these farmers is crucial to the nation’s security and wellbeing. Considering the fact that these farmers are the true backbone of India’s agriculture and food security, what does an Indian farmer really want?MNREGA has been killing farming with the current model. The increasing cost of cultivation is their major worry. Weeding wages have gone through the roof. What used to be about Rs.100 just two years ago, has gone upto Rs250 now because of the increase in wages due to MNREGA. Though all of them also are benefited by the MNREGA since they all go for wage work in other people’s lands, still the MNREGA has negatively affected their own agriculture. Continued this way they will all be reduced to farm labour than the proud food producers they are.

All i need today is a little bit of Packers And a whole lot of Jesus shirt

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